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Thread: Passing 'files'/ rows to a job entry one at a time

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    Default Passing 'files'/ rows to a job entry one at a time

    Hi there--

    I basically have a transformation that finds all files in a certain folder that match a pattern, and attempts to upload them to a database.

    I can easily pass these to another transformation using 'Get File Names' -> Copy rows to result. Then the next transformation, use Advanced > Execute for every input row, then 'Get rows from result'.

    Well now I'm thinking - I need to pass these file names to a full blown Job (job entry), not just another transformation. I'm confused at how to do the same thing.

    I can do Execute for Every input row again, but I'm wondering - does 'Get rows from the result' still work in any transformation in this sub-Job? Or do I need to configure something else? I guess I can test a few things out but wanted to put this out --- I'm not exactly sure how this works in an easily explainable fashion.

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    Yes, the "Send xyz to results" should work in another (sub)-job that has (sub-)transformations that "Get xyz from result".

    Since you're dealing with filenames... are you converting the filename/path to a String, then sending those rows (w/ String containing name) to result? If so, then definitely continue using Copy Rows To Result / Get Rows From Result.

    Alternatively, if the step you're using to read file names sends the File Names to result, then make sure you use "Get Files from Result" (can play around w/ 'Set Files in Result', although probably not needed).

    EDIT: confirmed on 6.1 + 7.0; not sure about earlier versions.
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    My runtime environment: MacOS, JDK 1.8u121, PDI 7.0

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