Hi All,

I have a scenario in which I am loading Oracle tables through oracle bulk loader step. My Spoon (data-integration folder) is installed on one VM and Oracle server is on another. I got below error when trans was run.

Oracle Bulk Loader.0 - ERROR (version, build 1 from 2016-04-07 12.08.49 by buildguy) : Error in step, asking everyone to stop because of:
2016/11/16 10:15:44 - Oracle Bulk Loader.0 - Error while executing sqlldr '<sqllder path>\sqlldr.exe control='<path>\control0.cfg' userid=<my creds>'

I was not sure how to resolve it and hence I copied sqllder.exe from oracle server to PDI VM. I referred that path and control0.cfg and load0.dat file's path in bulk loader step, but again got the same error

I am totally unsure what needs to be the exact path for sqlldr.exe, control0.cfg, load0.dat files. Can someone please help or share the workaround for this ?