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Thread: Passing file by command line

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    Default Passing file by command line

    I've seen from the documentation that is possible to pass a parameters for DB connection by command line using this syntax
    kitchen.bat /file:"path/to/file.kjb" "-param:DB_NAME=name" ...
    My question is, is possible passing a file by command line, for dynamically set db connection paramenter?

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    Done! I've make this transformation

    after in my job I have included this transformation as first step, in this

    Now my question is: Is strictly necessary set the parameter and value for every transformation in the job?

    There a manner for not set this parameter in the job?

    Thank you

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    You need only set the parameters in the main job.
    An alternative to set DB connection is to create uniq db connection for each DB, share them (stored in .kettle/share.xml) but using uniq (fore each connection) variables defined in .kettle/
    Then you don't need to specified them in as parameters in each job.

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