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Thread: Any PDI steps that mimic excel's SUMIFS functionality?

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    Default Any PDI steps that mimic excel's SUMIFS functionality?

    Hi guys. Looking for a way to replicate some transformation steps currently taking place in an excel data model using a few SUMIFS. I'm looking for the ability to add calculations that look at data in each row to fetch a sum of values. For an orders table say you have:
    Column A Column B Column C
    Order Type Month Value
    Bikes May $50

    I want to add an add an additional column D
    Column A Column B Column C Column D
    Order Type Month Value SUMIFs calc
    Bikes May $50 SUM(values) of all Bikes sold in May

    And I would like this formula to look at the data in column A and B for each line and give me the corresponding SUM of that type & month in each row. Hope that makes sense...

    Any easy way to do this? SUMIFs is quite easy in excel so I'm hoping I just haven't found it yet in kettle.


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    Statistics step Group-By is your friend here.
    Don't forget rows must be sorted, so Sort-Rows might help, too.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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