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Thread: how can I speed up the initialization time for flow steps

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    Default how can I speed up the initialization time for flow steps


    Our flow contains almost one thousand steps, and we run the flow in java codes, every time it will take a long time to initialization all the flows, how can we speed up the initialization time? Can we for example compile all the ktr file into one jar file to speed up the flow?

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    What do you mean by "flow contains one thousand step"?
    Do you mean you have
    A. one transformation with 1000 steps,
    B. 1000 transformations?

    If A.:
    That's waaayyyyy to much! Each step run in its own thread, so this you mean you are launching 1000 threads at once!
    I think some refactoring might be a good idea....

    If B.:
    Maybe you dont need to init all transformations at start time.
    Just lazy init them when needed, this will smooth your process.

    But if you have one job holding 1000 transformation entry....that seems also waayy too much.

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