Hello everyone,

it's quite a special question but maybe there is a nice little hack i can't find to fix my problem.

I am trying to evaluate the influence of the number of traininginstances on the classification.

Here is a short example:
I've got four classes with 30 instances in my trainingsdata.
The testdata includes 120 instances equally distributed to the classes.
Now i want to reduce the number of trainingsinstances to evaluate how many instances i will need at the end to get a good trade off between training costs and result.
So in my first trial i would use 30 instances of every class and get e.g. 95 % Detection Rate
In my second 29 (randomly selected) with e.g. 94 % Detection Rate
In my third 28 (randomly selected) with e.g. 90% Detection Rate
and so on...

Is there a parameter or option that i can use with weka ?

Thanks for your help!