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Thread: 5.0.1 Upgrade path?

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    Question 5.0.1 Upgrade path?


    Have inherited the support of a Pentaho/Kettle environment currently on version 5.0.1
    Want to upgrade but the docs for 5.1 only support upgrading from 5.0.3.

    Is it okay to upgrade from 5.0.1?
    Do I need to upgrade to each version if I want to get the latest?

    Would I be better off doing a clean install of the latest version.

    Thanks for any help

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    In my (limited) experience and from what I have read, there's no "upgrade", to migrate between versions, you do a new clean install and point your installation to your repository. You do need to test your development with the new version to check that everything still works as expected.
    So I would skip the intermediate versions and jump to the latest, or, being that version 7 has been out there only for some days and there's not many people using that version, go to version 6.1 if you are not feeling adventurous.

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