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Thread: Unusual transform

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    Default Unusual transform

    This is probably the most stupid format I have ever seen, but unfortunately it's beyond our control. I have been playing with normalize/denormalize but unable to find a suitable way to do it.

    We receive rows with some non-zero values and we should produce rows with pairs of fields, one with a fixed name for every non-zero value and a second with the non-zero value itself ... and of course (this is the real problem) the non-zero pairs on the firsts fields of the row

    Input rows:


    where some Vi are not zero.

    Output rows:

    id,'F3',V3,'F5',V5,null,0,..... (for a row with v3 and v5<>0)
    id,'F1',V1,'F7',V7,'F19',V19,null,0,... (for a row with v1, v7 and v19 <>0)

    For example:


    must become


    Any idea?


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    You have some CSV file with an id and a certain number (n) of Integer fields.
    You want to have a CSV file with all the non-zero fields shifted to the left.
    Also, you want to add the respective fieldnames in front of their values?
    I have no idea.
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    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Hardly ideal but you can do it with arbitrary javascript. Or a bunch of filters and 'set values' in a row.

    Do you at least know beforehand how many incoming fields you have and what are their respective names?

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    A full solution will require some moire analysis, but I would probably attempt to tackle this problem by:
    * using the "Row Normalizer" step to covert the columns of your input rows into seperate rows
    * add the names as columns to these new rows
    * sort the rows as required, using temporary columns if required
    * flatten the rows using the "Row flattener" or "row denormalizer" step

    Do your rows always have 20 columns, or can this vary?

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    Thks marabu, adding a splitfield step (I need to create an sql row!!) to your example worked as expected. I tried the group solution but was "obsessed" with getting fields so didn't think about creating a line and splitting it later!

    sven, pedro: yes it's a fixed number of fields.

    PS. I guess the one who designed this format doesn't even know what the words normal and form mean

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