Hi Team,

We are working on Pentaho and Bigdata POC and facing Hadoop cluster setup issues in pentaho.

Below are the steps followed but no luck.

1. Downloaded the Pentaho 7.0 trail version
2. CDH version 5.8
3. Received the below files from hadoop cluster and placed in Hadoop configuration > CDH58 folder.
4. Kerberos setup is done in pentaho windows machine
5. Done the required changes in config.properties file and provided kerberos credentails.
6. created the hadoop cluster with hostname as 10.xxx.xx.xx and port as 8020 and same host details available in core-site.xml file.
7. added DNS entries in etc/host file.

Please can you help if i need to follow anyother steps to setup hadoop cluster and send files to HDFS.

Thanks in advance