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Thread: Use BSH script in parameters

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    Default Use BSH script in parameters

    I would like to ask if I can use own functions, like BSH script in parameters, which I created.

    For example:
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    You cant. Functions/expressions only get evaluated when the report runs, which by definition is after your prompts/parameter have been validated.

    You can run custom scripts via a trick though: Some prompt properties can be driven by a formula (post-processing-formula, default-value, localisation-text), and these formulas can include the "SINGLEVALUEQUERY" formula function (SVQ in short from now on). That SVQ performs a query on a report-data-source and returns the first value of the first column by default.

    We do have a ScriptableDataFactory available in PRD. Connecting the dots: Put your calculations into the data-source, return the calculation result as Single-Cell tablemodel. Then reference these calculations via the SVQ formula function. This allows you to reuse the same beanshell code in all places.
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