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Thread: Mongodb input plugin Error: allowDiskUse parameter

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    Default Mongodb input plugin Error: allowDiskUse parameter

    pentaho v.6.1 and 7.0 (the same issue for both)
    mongodb server 3.4 (i've tried also with the 3.0)
    i'm trying with no success the query above (tested and running with no problem in mongo shell).
    I've tried to mix in every way the composition of the query.
    The red part is the part i've added in the mongo shell
    I've inserted the above query (without red words) in the Tab Query of the Mongodb plugin and i've checked the flag "query is aggregation pipeline"

    If you try to run this query on a little database it runs.
    My goal is to find out every record with more than one repetition of the three grouped fields

    These are the messages i receive:
    Exceeded memory limit for $group .....Pass allowDiskUse:true to opt in (alloDiskUse without json notation {})
    errmsg" : "Unrecognized pipeline stage name: 'allowDiskUse'" , if i use json notation for allowDiskUse.
    Could please anyone try to help me ?
    Thanks in advance
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    Did you tick the "Query in aggregation pipeline" on "Query tab", if not please tick that and try once.

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    Yessss, i've checked it

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