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Thread: Change a parameter value on click action

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    Default Change a parameter value on click action


    I want to initialize a parameter in CDE by used Click action on a pie chart. I had already done that on a server with pentaho 5.2 and it works fine.
    Recently, I installed the new version of Pentaho server I did new dashboards and tried to initialize a parameter using the clickAction but it doesn't work...
    I have create a simple parameter "my_parameter" and the following function on the clickAction :
    function f(scene){
        alert("you have clicked on"+" "+ scene.getCategory());
    And if I want to print the value of 'my_parameter' in the clickAction function, nothing happens. I have the impression that my parameter doesn't exist.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

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    Maybe your dashboard is using Requirejs, in which case you should write 'this.dashboard.fireChange' instead of 'Dashboards.fireChange'.

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    Thanks for your response bhericher but it doesn't work.
    But when I make 'alert(scene.getCategory());' the correct value I want to assign to my parameter pops up in an alert box.
    But if I do the same with my parameter 'alert(my_parameter);' I have no alert box.

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    I haven't yet used the version 7, but you could try to delete and recreate the parameter in the editor.

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    I solved the problem. Thanks bhericher.
    function f(scene){ 

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    i have the same problem did you found a solution to solve it,
    i think that it's a bug

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