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Thread: How to split long string into multiple rows in same column

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    Post Split long string into multiple rows in same column

    I need to split long string like the below into multiple lines based on the length and delimiter(which should remain) and if the lenth number falls between delimiter then need to split the last delimiter

    LineNum Data
    1 20001+20002+20003+20005+20019+20035+20009+20011+20015+20006+20020+20047+20048+20050+20049+204044+22407+20052+20057+20058+20059+20063+20065+20067+20068+20070+20072+20073+20075+20076+20078+20081+20084+20085+20086+20140+21954+206171+206170+206175+20093+206168+206177+206172+20098+206167+20107+20053+20054+20056+20108+20109+20110+20112+20115+20117+20119+20124+20126+20131+20132+20136+20141+20344+20345+20346+20348+20349+20355+20356.A

    I accomplished the above using "Group By - Concatenate separated by +"

    Desired Output:

    LineNum Data
    1 20001+20002+20003+20005+20019+20035+20009+20011+20015+20006+20020+20047+20048+20050+20049+204044+22407
    2 20052+20057+20058+20059+20063+20065+20067+20068+20070+20072+20073+20075+20076+20078+20081+20084+20085
    3 20086+20140+21954+206171+206170+206175+20093+206168+206177+206172+20098+206167+20107+20053+20054
    4 20056+20108+20109+20110+20112+20115+20117+20119+20124+20126+20131+20132+20136+20141+20344+20345
    5 20346+20348+20349+20355+20356.A

    Length = 100 (again depends on the delimiter position)

    I was thinking of doing this in Javascript but, I don't know how to accomplish this, please give some guidance.
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    So before your group by you had one row per value?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathias.CH View Post
    So before your group by you had one row per value?
    Yes Mathias.

    However, I have written a JS to do that and then used split fields to rows with a delimiter, below is the code which might be useful to others,

    var startNum = 0, min= 1950, startPosition = 0, endResult = [];

    if (conCatLen > '1950') {
    while (startPosition != -1) {
    startPosition = conmetaVal.indexOf('+', startNum + min);
    endResult.push(conmetaVal.substring(startNum , startPosition == -1? conmetaVal.length : startPosition ));
    startNum = startPosition +1;
    var endResult= conmetaVal

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    Line-wrapping with Apache Commons
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    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marabu View Post
    Line-wrapping with Apache Commons
    Wow! this is something new that i learnt today. Thanks Marabu.

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