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Thread: How To split a table in multipe excel files ?

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    Question How To split a table in multipe excel files ?

    Hi all, I want to split a mysql table into mutltiples excel files with the same name but in multiple directory.
    This in order to insert them as linked excel objetct in a word file.
    first I create the variable path of the filename with a table columns extract .
    As the csv file fonction outputname can be a field of the stream I use it to append stream lines into the constructed file.
    But my goal was to obtain excel files not csv.
    But excel output fonction don't take the filename as an input field .
    Soi I get more than 200 csv files in 200 differents path , how to have them in xls ?


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    If you make your transformation part of a job, you can add another transformation to gather all CSV filenames and calculate the XLS filename.
    A third transformation can be made to loop over the CSV filenames, while receiving the XLS filename as a parameter.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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