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Thread: Does PDI support MariaDB as a connection type?

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    Default Can I create a customized database connection type?

    Dear everybody, I met a problem and really need help.

    I am working on a project which uses PDI as the ETL tool. We mainly read data from MySQL/MariaDB databases by using the "MySQL database connection type". Some source tables are big and we don't want to keep all data in the PDI server memory since it caused "out of memory" issue in the past. Therefore, we enabled the "streaming result" feature. It works well for MySQL/MariaDB.

    Now the company decided to replace the MySQL JDBC Driver by the MariaDB JDBC Driver. Because PDI doesn't support "MariaDB database connection type" so I need to use the "Generic database connection type".

    However, the "Generic database connection type" doesn't supported the "streaming result" feature. In other words, I cannot set the fetch size of a statement.

      public boolean isFetchSizeSupported() {
        return false;
    It seems like that I need to either re-write the "Generic database connection type" or create a new "MariaDB database connection type". Can I do it? And how to do it?

    Thank you.
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    really need help

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    maybe you should check with devs at MariaDB and see if they are going to change their Connector?
    -- Mick --

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