We use PDI for retrieval of EDI files from a value-added network (VAN). When we retrieve the files via FTP, the VAN automatically moves the file being downloaded to a "prior" file to prevent it from being downloaded twice.

When we migrated our EDI jobs from PDI 4.3 to PDI 5.3, we started noticing that they were failing. It looks like, when run in 5.3, at the beginning of the job, PDI touches the file on the FTP server (without downloading it) in such a way as to make the VAN believe the file has been downloaded, causing the VAN to move the file to it's "prior" status. When the transform goes to get the file and actually use its contents, the file specified in the transform is gone (actually empty), which means the file specified in the step can no longer be found for use by the transform. The whole thing fails silently, since the file was found, but was empty - so there's no error to be reported.

Moving the transform back to 4.3 solves the issue. We attempted to use PDI 6, but discovered that Kitchen takes a long time to start up, so we have not been able to test this issue in the latest version to see if the FTP problem has been solved.

Are there any settings that were present in 5.x that we need to look for that might resolve this? Has this been addressed in the version change, and we need to start working with 6? New versions aren't usually a problem, except when things like this come up - so we tend to hang onto the old versions longer than we probably should. We are just asking this question now because we are trying to consolidate to one working version for our environment.