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Thread: Pentaho 7.0 and cascading parameters for Interactive reports

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    Default Pentaho 7.0 and cascading parameters for Interactive reports

    Dear all,
    I am trying to evaluate Pentaho 7.0 Enterprise edition and get mad with creation of interactive reports with cascading parameters.
    I have a set of parameters (Query prompts) which are linked to each other:
    In my example:
    1. Select a specific custodian / bank
    2. Second parameter should show me a list of filtered bank portfolios (belonging to the selected bank).
    I found a document how to set up cascading parameters.
    However, if I select one parameter in the data editor I can only choose as data type between two options:
    * Meta data
    * static list
    I miss the option "SQL query" which could be accroding to the instructions be used to pass a parameter value from a different field to the query.
    Anyone does have an idea where this option could be available?
    Thank you very much for your help,

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    Since a PIR is based on a Metadata model I do not think you are able to do free style SQL queries. If this is what you need you can use the PIR report inside a dashboard and then you can use the SQL Query there

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