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Thread: Ues parameter value in new field

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    Default Ues parameter value in new field

    I am exploring Kettle as a new user.

    I have set a parameter in a transformation, and I want to use the parameter value in a new derived field. I have looked at both Calculator and Formula, but can't find any idea to get the value in the parameter down to a new field.

    What is the best way to approach this? Do I need to write java/java script to accomplish this?

    What if I want to use it as part of the condition? For example for something like
    if input_field_1 = ${parameter_value}
    then set to 1
    else set to 2.

    This derivation will be performed at row level.



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    Hi Longma98,

    How about 'Value Mapper' ? You might have to have a get variable step to get the ${parameter_value} value usable in the transform.

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    PDI 8.0.0
    MySQL - 5.6.27
    Redshift - 1.0.1485
    PostgreSQL 8.0.2
    OS - Ubuntu 10.04.2

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    you can get variables directly in the calculator step, it requires two calculations:
    1. "set field to constant value", with "${yourVariableName}"
    2. "variable substitution"

    you cannot get variables in the formula step directly

    you can always use get variables step to save the variables as fields

    regarding the "if-then-else":
    - calculator step cannot do it, which is a big omission, in my opinion
    - formula step can do it
    - java expression can do it using the ternary operator (condition ? expr1 : expr2)

    Hope this helps,


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