I'm using kitchen.sh to start my jobs from within zip files like:
./kitchen.sh -file:"zip:file:////home/user/pentaho/pdi-ee/my_package/linked_executable_job_and_transform.zip\!Hourly_Stats_Job_Unix.kjb"

When I recently migrated from PDI 6.1 to 7.0 my scripts stopped working and generated error messages like:

"file <my_current_directory>zip:file:////home/user/pentaho/... does not exist"

...which is absolutely correct, since this is no valid path with the <my_current_directory> prepended.

The root cause seemed to be a newly added paramter in kitchen.sh "initialDir" that is passed down from kitchen to spoon and wasn't present in 6.1. After removing the intialDir parameter, my scripts seem to work again.

My questions are though:
- is there a better solution to calling jobs from zip files with kitchen than tempering with the kitchen.sh files?
- what is the initialDir parameter used for? Am I breaking something else by removing it?

Thanks a lot!