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Thread: Shared connections in other machines

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    Default Shared connections in other machines

    Hello everyone,

    My name is João Correia and I am trying to resolve an issue.

    I am developing some stuff in one machine through spoon (graphic interface). I created one connection and I shared that connection to use in every jobs and transformations.

    I am versioning all the files created and modified with git to use them in other machines.
    The problem is when something in the connection changes and I have to change it in all the jobs and transformations. This happens because I only use kitchen in the other machines (which don’t have the file /home/”username”/.kettle/shared.xml ).

    Is any way to fix this in one single way?

    Thank you all.

    Kind regards,
    João Correia.

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    Configure JNDI connections in each installation, although once done, you'll have to modify all your transformations (and the jobs with connection information) to use the JNDI connection instead of the connection you are using now, this only will work for future jobs and transformations.
    Maybe if you take a look to the XML in your transformation you'll be able to work a batch job to modify the transformations without having to go through them manually.

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    Thank you Ana.

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    I deploy shared.xml with the transforms. I then set KETTLE_HOME IIRC that's where that file is read from to the same directory as the transforms. For this I added to the commandline


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