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Thread: Connection Termination for Long Running Query

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    Default Connection Termination for Long Running Query

    Hi - We are using the PDI CE 6.1 and trying to load tables into Redshift. While processing high volume data, it appears that pentaho lost connection to the Redshift database and I don't see any processes running on the EC2 instance (EC2 instance is the Pentaho's launching platform). Whereas, the query launched by the process was still running on the Redshift cluster visible through AWS console. Normally the Pentaho log file receives heart beat signal upto 2 hours or so. But it stops after that and all subsequent processes in the same pentaho job file are not executed further.

    I tried to use the PDI CE 7.0 to run the jobs (however jobs were created using 6.1) but faced the same issue.

    Do anyone of you faced such issue? Is there any solution to resolve this issue?


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    Hi - Can someone give some clue why such situation may arise? For any long running or bit complex query, the heart beat signal coming to log is disrupted sometime after an hour and sometimes after 2 hours. I tried to set the tcp_keepalive_time to 36000 in EC2 instance which also did not help.
    Any help is much appreciated !!

    Thanks - AG

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