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Thread: Remote R Script Execution on MS SQL 2016

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    Default Remote R Script Execution on MS SQL 2016

    hey to everyone,

    im new to the Pentaho Platform and im currently working on my master thesis. I would like to use Pentaho as my BI Tool for my thesis.
    Therefore i would like to know, if it is possible to execute remote R Scripts on MS SQL 2016 with Pentaho and get the results back to use them in PDI. The basic idea here is to transform the executing R code to the database and only to transfer the results of the R Script to Pentaho PDI. Within SQL Server 2016 it is possible to generate T-SQL Stored Procedure with R Code. I saw, that is it possible to execute DB Stored Procedure with PDI, but im not sure, if it works with T-SQL Stored Procedure, which are returning R-Results.

    I appreciate every help.

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    Table-Input is the Kettle step to access SQL result sets.
    You should be able to prepare a temporary table on the server using INSERT INTO EXEC and then SELECT FROM this table using Table-Input.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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