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Thread: IS EMPTY not found in Filter row step

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    Default IS EMPTY not found in Filter row step

    I an new to PDI. For a client, old server has PDI version 4.4.1. And the new server has 6.1.0. In one of the transformation on the old server, filter row uses IS EMPTY function. But I am not able to re-create the same step since there is no IS EMPTY function to choose from the list for Filter row step. Can I use IS NULL? Is it the same? I have attached the screenshots.

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    Disclaimer: I have actually never used the IS EMPTY, I mostly use PDI 5.x.
    I suppose the currency_division field is a string? What else could be empty?
    From what I know, Kettle can distinguish between null and empty strings, so a string which is not null may be empty. Unless, you change a property in the file which can change this behavior and then null is handled the same way as an empty string. But don't do that, that could cause all sorts of funny behavior especially in an old codebase.
    If you really want to check for an empty string, I would recommend a Java Filter step - there you can write an expression like: field == null || field.isEmpty()

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