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Thread: Pentaho Reporting Output step using a prpt from a BA Server

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    Default Pentaho Reporting Output step using a prpt from a BA Server


    I'm trying to create a Pentaho Reporting Output step in a transformation using a report that is on a BA Server repository. Whenever I use a filesystem filepath value for "Report definition file" the step works, but if I want to use a report that is on a BA Server setting the "Report definition file" to something like "http://pentaho_user:password@localhost:8080/pentaho/api/repos/%3Apublic%3Asales_report_day.prpt" I get a HTTP 401 Unauthorized response. I also tested it substituting the "%3A" by the : (colon) and had the same result. I have the user and password embedded in the URL since there is no option to include it anywhere in the Pentaho Reporting Output step. Testing the URL on a browser like firefox works as expected.

    I have also tested with "http://localhost:8080/pentaho/api/repos/%3Apublic%3Asales_report_day.prpt?userid=pentaho_user&password=password" without success.

    What should be the correct value for the "Report definition file"?

    The transformation itself is on the BA Server too.
    BA Server 6.1
    PDI 6.1
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    We have similar problems with Pentaho 6.1 EE (coming from Pentaho CE with file repository). We run various kettle Jobs to generate a couple of reports on a daily Basis. Scheduling doesn't seem to be a solution since there is no possibility to store the Output outside /home or /public. We transfer these reports afterwards to different Hosts, so we need the reports in a dedicated Folder outside home / public. Is there any idea how to generate reports in a kettle Transformation using a Pentaho Enterprise Repository? Neither calling pentaho/api/repos... nor hardcoding a file path (because there is no file path in a DB EE repo) seems to work. We are on https and not willing / allowed to code user credentials in a Javascript with a https call for the api. Regards David
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    Hello oggers, did you enable URL Parameter passing? It's decribed in the following article and works with 6.1 as well: I enabled the property and generated a report with kettle successfully. IMHO the whole procedure is a security risk. I would prefer to avoid passing login credentials as parameters Regards David

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