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Thread: Custom analyzer plugin - Google maps visualization not recognising key

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    Default Custom analyzer plugin - Google maps visualization not recognising key


    I'm having a go at creating an add-in for Analyzer (I want to display a route on Google maps).

    It seems the Google maps API is already loaded in Analyzer anyway, so I haven't done an include/require anywhere. I have also put my own personal Google maps API key in the file at:


    When I use mt custom add-in I get encouraging feedback in the console from the maps API, so I know it is calling it, but it is saying that I don't have a key:

    INFO: [render] event executed Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys
    uE.j @ Google Maps API warning: RetiredVersion
    uE.j @ Google Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired
    uE.j @
    This service requires an API key. For more information on authentication and Google Maps Javascript API services please see:

    Has anyone else had any success doing something like this?

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    That setting is no longer used.

    Alternatively, I think you can create a function called pentaho.openlayers.getGoogleApiUrl and have it return the URL with authentication information.
    Pedro Vale
    CTools Product Development

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