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Thread: GA has error 'timeout' for queries more than 60 seconds

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    Default GA has error 'timeout' for queries more than 60 seconds

    Hello there ---

    The Google Analytics step, by default, times out after 60 seconds - at least in the Spoon version 5.4. Not sure if later versions are more robust.

    I think it is Google Analytics itself (not PDI) that has the timeout.

    Their forums recommends specific Java code to override the timeout - but I'm not sure how to implement this with the PDI step in particular. Would a Java step immediately prior to the GA step somehow work? I have my doubts, but perhaps -

    Anyone have a fix to this?

    The alternative is to change the query so it only takes very small date ranges (like 7 days) at a time.

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    Here's specifically what Google says about Java timeout errors when calling the Google Analytics API below.

    I'm not sure how to implement this in PDI or if it's possible to using the Java code step.

    Couldn't the step be reworked to include a default upper limit of something like 10 minutes? 1 minute is anemic ...

    privateHttpRequestInitializer setHttpTimeout(finalHttpRequestInitializer requestInitializer){ return new HttpRequestInitializer() {
    public void initialize(HttpRequest httpRequest) throws IOException {
    httpRequest.setConnectTimeout(3 * 60000); // 3 minutes connect timeout
    httpRequest.setReadTimeout(3 * 60000); // 3 minutes read timeout

    GoogleCredential credential = ....

    finalAnalytics analytics =Analytics.builder(newNetHttpTransport(), jsonFactory, setHttpTimeout(credential)).build();

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