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Thread: How to tell if a "run SSH" command fails?

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    Default How to tell if a "run SSH" command fails?


    I have been working with Pentaho for a while and now i come to a frustrating point.
    I want to know if a SSH command failed or not. first of all I tried to use the stdErr output that comes out of the box in the "Run SSH Commands" option, but as a matter of fact it is just returning if there is sdtErr or not from the command i used.
    When i use it for example a sqoop command, and stdOut will go also to the stdErr and by that make a false alarm of a failure.

    then i tried to use the exit code provided by the bash scripting, for example:
    cd FakeFolder ; echo $?
    -bash: cd: FakeFolder: No such file or directory
    and then retrieve the exit code (in that case 1) and see if it is different from 0. But - sometimes pentaho will "push" the exit code, or basically any command after the original one to be written befor the stdOut of the original command.

    now i am completely out of hand - > how can i get the true exit code, or a true state of the ssh command of been successful or not?

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    The Shell step looks at the return code from the script. If it's 0, the script was successful, if not, it was unsuccessful. The documentation for the step is here:

    In your example, your script would just be

    cd FakeFolder
    and PDI would look at the return code of that command.

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