Hi all,
I'm trying to build a report with a Crosstab and I'm facing some issues. I'm attaching a mockup to show my issues. PivotTableTest.prpt
My data has 4 columns: 3 categories and one measure, one of the categories has long strings, and is in the row axis of the cross tab, the other two categories are in the column axis, by now, I have been able to achieve this (I hope it's clear enough, I know images in the forum aren't very clear):
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So I have two problems:
Apart from the totalizing Types by Year, I would like to add a Total below all the Products to get the Total by Type for all products (if possible for my totals too):
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I also have another problem, and is widening the Product column, and making the rest of the columns narrower. I have tried setting width in Product to 125% and 75% for the rest of the columns, but that doesn't work, Product column overlaps with the first next column and there are gaps between the rest of the columns.
If I set a fixed width for the product column and leave 100% in the width property of the rest of the columns, then there's a gap between the product column and the next column, it's a bit strange, but I could live with it, but then the export to excel or csv doesn't work, part of the Sales values dissapear, the ones overlapped by the Product when exporting to excel.
Does anyone know how to achieve what I'm trying?