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Thread: count question

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    Default count question

    I have 3.8 Million records. There are 28 fields i'm interested in getting counts for. Each UID is placed in districts. There are two district types I care about, with one having 40 permutations and the other 120. so on the left column will be districts 1 - 160, and across the top the 28 fields, with the added complication of one of those fields having three permutations.

    Is this possible in kettle or should I be looking at another option?

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    I can see a transformation in your future:

    • Text-File-Input to read that file (assuming CSV)
    • Select-Values to reduce the field list thus reducing memory foot print
    • Filter-Rows to drop unwanted district types
    • Sort-Rows to order by district
    • Group-By to count UID per district
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    If you are on PostgreSQL tablefunc might help you also ...

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