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Thread: Upgrade existing version of PDI

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    Default Upgrade existing version of PDI

    Hi all,

    I need your advice on upgrading the version of our PDI.

    We have a PDI v4.4 based on a MS SQL Server DB.

    Now my boss want to upgrade to version 7... yes I know it's like a suicide.

    I've tried to go thru the documentation and I've found something but it's only for the Enterprise Edition... of course we have a Community Edition.

    Does anybody have an idea on how I can achieve it ?

    1. My plan is to backup the DB / repository.
    2. Install PDI and create a new repository on a new machine.
    3. Export the OLD repository (even if the export file will be huge - at least 2 GB)
    4. Import the OLD repository to the NEW repository.

    Do you think it will work ?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestion.


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    Hi Alessio,

    That's the method I have always used but i am not sure you can go from v4 to v7 directly. I have always gone through the major versions - v4 -> v5 -> v6 -> v7.

    Others might have more input.

    PDI 8.0.0
    MySQL - 5.6.27
    Redshift - 1.0.1485
    PostgreSQL 8.0.2
    OS - Ubuntu 10.04.2

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    That looks like it will work, but you need to add a step:

    2A) Install MSSQL JDBC Driver (either jTDS or MSSQL Native as is appropriate for your transforms)
    2B) Create new PDI7 Repository on MS SQL

    as the jTDS driver is no longer included in the PDI7 install package.
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