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    Hi,I'm a Beginner trying to do the mail after the transformation function in the job. I don't know what is SMTP Server and Port Number.

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    You will need a working mailserver (supporting the smtp protocol) to send emails from Pentaho. If you don't know about that, you should ask the systems administrator for help if there is one. In a Windows network, the Exchange server normally handles all email, in a Linux network the local server may have its own mailserver already configured. Either way it's likely some more configuration will be needed to allow mail from Pentaho to be sent.

    If you are doing this by yourself, you can set up an SMTP server on the local machine, but it's a good idea to study the concepts and common pitfalls first, before you end up with some spammer using your mailserver to send millions of emails.

    For testing, I suggest downloading and running fakeSMTP, which pretends to be an SMTP email server and shows you that mails that would have been sent (it can't actually send mail). You can then set the Mail step to use "localhost" on port 25. This is very useful for testing your jobs.

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    Thank you for helping me out.....

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