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Thread: cannot create a sap connection

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    Unhappy cannot create a sap connection

    Dear Community,

    i downloaded via github the kettle sources and beeing successful with building it. When i try to create a sap connection, i failed, because there's no possibility to select a sap r/3 connection. do i have to insert a connector.jar for sap. in my pentaho installation it works. i try to add the sapdbc.jar to the build-path in the ui project and core and rebuild it. I failed to create a sap r/3 connection again, bec there no possibility to select this kind of sap connection. i doing something wrong or i missed to copy something, or isnt it possibile to do it with the kettle source?


    update: I took a look, the dialog "xul-file" exists, but i still cant select a sap r/3 to set it up. :/

    update2: i found it. all what you have to do is to add this to the "VM Arguments" After adding this to the "launchsettings". I am able to set up a SAP R/3 Connection. Yippi!!!
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