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Thread: How to improve speed of writing xml files with several xml joins?

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    Default How to improve speed of writing xml files with several xml joins?

    Can anyone please tell how to improve speed of writing xml files with several xml joins?

    I'm joining 12500 records (AssetID) using 5 xml join steps in Pentaho PDI 4.4.4 to create an xml on this format:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
    <Asset Valid="Y" Sysid="Company" Serialno="000010065" Lastloc="Somewhere" Groupcode="B20M" GroupDescription="BASKET" Description="20mtr" Assetid="000010065">
    <Length unit="mm">19900</Length>
    <Width unit="mm">910</Width>
    <Height unit="mm">650</Height>
    <MaxGrossWeight unit="Kg">13000</MaxGrossWeight>
    <TareWeight unit="Kg">2730</TareWeight>
    <Payload unit="Kg">10270</Payload>
    <ProofLoad unit="Kg">32500</ProofLoad>
    <Hirestatus>On Hire</Hirestatus>

    For each xml join the time to perform the xml join are doubling and in total it runs for 1 hour, which is far too long compared to the available time-slot.
    Anyone with an idea of how to significantly reduce the runtime of this transformation? slow_xml_join_transformation.ktr

    The transformation looks like this:

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    I faced that situation too and didn't find a "proper" XML way that still performed. What I did instead is use the Token Replacement plugin from the Marketplace. For each repeating XML element (including children that appear exactly once) I paste the entire XML fragment as the text, and put tokens where all the fields are supposed to go. Then I use some data grids for headers and closing tags and Append Streams to order it all and output to file.

    I've rigged up a very simple example using your data (and only some of the fields replaced, it's a lot of typing).


    The solution works for multiple level XML too, but then you should include sequence numbers for child nodes to be able to sort the xml_fragments. It's involved, inflexible and completely devoid of any form of standards, but it's fast.

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    Thank you for Feedback Isha! I'll check the Token Replacement Plugin.

    I would appreciate any Example to fully understand your point. ...

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    I've added examples to my original post.

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