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Thread: Error!!! Java Heap space and GC overhead limit exceed.

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    Default Error!!! Java Heap space and GC overhead limit exceed.

    Can anyone help me to identify if these both the errors are same or different ?

    How to resolve these errors in Pentaho.

    Many thanks in advance.


    java 1.8.0_101
    Window 7 (x86_64)
    timezone IST

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    Your job is running out of memory. The two errors are not the same obviously, but are both related to your Java process not having enough memory.

    You can check spoon.bat for the line that looks like
    if "%PENTAHO_DI_JAVA_OPTIONS%"=="" set PENTAHO_DI_JAVA_OPTIONS="-Xms1024m" "-Xmx2048m" "-XX:MaxPermSize=256m"
    Increase the Xmx value to allocate more memory. This *may* fix your problem, if the dataset is large and you need just a bit more memory to keep rows in. More likely, it will just delay the appearance of the error.

    If you are getting this error even with only a few rows, check for loops, large amounts of data being copied to results and plugins you might be using. Personally, I've had issues with too large resultsets being kept throughout a job and also Excel input step with large .xlsx files.

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    Thanks Isha for the help !!!

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    I have tried to re-execute the job but it is not resolved. I have set it to 3 gigabytes but the things not looks like resolve. Getting the same error " Java heap space ".
    Can you help more on this ?

    Any idea how to resolve GC Overhead limit error as well ???


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    You will need to post much more information for anyone here to be able to help you, as there can be many different causes for this error. If it is a simple job, you could upload it to the forum (remove any credentials from the job if present) for people to take a look.

    Otherwise, you'll have to narrow it down by yourself with a general troubleshooting procedure.

    • Have you tried with a small data input only?
    • Have you disabled/removed subjobs and transformations to see which one is the likely cause?
    • When you run the job and look at the metrics, what is happening at the point you get the error?
    • What does the log say?

    Regarding the GC error, it is caused by the same problem. It's just a matter of chance which one you run into first.
    GC = Garbage Collector, the process that tries to free up Java heap memory. If you're almost out of memory, it will run constantly, until Java triggers the overhead limit error, rather than hanging endlessly. If your job tries to allocate more memory than the GC has freed right after a run, you get the out of Java Heap space error instead.
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