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Thread: After XML import all first and second step values in MErg Join steps are gone

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    Default After XML import all first and second step values in MErg Join steps are gone

    I introduce Kettle at my current client. I am now in the phase to put the first update to a transformation from Test to Production. I use the XML export and then XML import for this. After I import and save the transformation, running it gives errors. It turns out all First step and Second step fields in the 3 Merge Join steps are gone after the import. I have repeated it 4 times and checked the Test version. The problem remains and in Test all is good. I use PDI 6.1. Who knows about this issue?

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    I now notice the same happened with the Filter steps... This is really bad!

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    If you look in the exported XML file, are the fields present?

    Edit: Actually, it is a known bug, fixed in 7.0:

    Are you exporting each file separately, or exporting from the repository explorer? That second option seems to work normally for me.

    Go to Tools -> Repository... -> Explore

    Right-click a folder (or the root /) on the left hand side and click export. Choose a filename, don't apply any rules.
    This will save the whole subtree to one big xml file, which for me also includes the true and false destinations for the Filter Rows step.
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    Thanks for the feedback. This is about exporting a separate file when the file is open. This is also the procedure I want to introduce when a single transformation is updated. I will try doing it from Repository > Explore for a single transformation. I will also look into upgrading to Kettle CE 7.

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