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Thread: Find Transformations Using Any Particular Connection

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    Exclamation Find Transformations Using Any Particular Connection

    Hi All,

    I have 100-150 transformations and I need to find how many of them are using any particular connection manager.

    Eg. I have a SQL server connection manager pointing to A.B.C.D server which is shared across the solution. I want to find all transformations that use this connection anywhere like Table input, Table output, DB lookup etc.

    Can someone please suggest how to do this ?
    Sanket Kelkar.

    PDI CE 6.1
    Oracle 11g
    Windows Server 2012

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    Transformations and jobs are just XML files, so you can search them for text fragments. If you use a Database repository, you can export the repository to one big xml file.

    Connections exist in two forms in the files:

    1. Connection definition objects.

    These have the form of <Connection> <Name>MyConnectionName</Name> ... more elements ... </Connection
    Search for <Name>MyConnectionName</Name> and you should find them all.
    Chances are you'll find them in EVERY transformation and job file in the repo. The only way to prevent that is to check "Only saved used connections to XML" in the Spoon options.

    2. Connection references in steps

    These look like "<connection>MyConnectionName</connection>" and are only present in steps that actually use the connection, so they are much more useful.

    Please note that jobs can also reference connections in any number of steps or configuration.

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