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Thread: A Beginner Question in Mondrian

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    Default A Beginner Question in Mondrian

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to understand how to use Mondrain. I was reading few blogs on the internet to understand about Mondrain. I guess I had understood a bit about it. But still I have these open questions:

    1. Resources says that, the physical data will be on the RDBMS in star schema, so that Mondrain can do the queries easily. With this given statement, I have the following doubts:
    * If Mondrain queries the data, why can't we do it ourselves directly with RDBMS? What makes Mondrain powerful in this context. Please note that, I might be completely wrong here. So kindly help me out.
    2. Mondrain and the physical data tied up with a schema in xml format. This is fine for the tables which are already present, what about dynamic data? Can we create schema's dynamically using Mondrain at real time?

    Thanks for answering all these questions.

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    Can anyone please help me?

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