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Thread: How to use POJO (plain java objects) as input from Java application

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    Default How to use POJO (plain java objects) as input from Java application

    We have Java based application where we convert the data model to object model (Java POJOs). We wanted to know if Java POJO can be provided as input to Kettle transformations. The Kettle transformation then can perform the transformation and provides the output again as transformed POJO.

    Is it possible to provide Java POJO as input to Kettle transformation and also get Java POJO as output of Kettle transformation.

    If we can do this then we want to call the Kettle transformation from our Java application where we give POJO as input and get POJO as output.

    Please let us know how this can be done.


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    Could someone help to provide inputs on this

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    I'm not sure, but I think JSON will be the closest you can get inside PDI unless you write your own Java steps, at which point you might as well transform them inside your application.

    Converting POJO to JSON can be done in various ways (, so you'd have to investigate if it's worth the effort.

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