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Thread: Date conversion

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    Default Date conversion

    Can anyone provide me help on the below ?
    First i have a string FEB-17, need to convert into date in PDI, how i can do this, the result would be date like 20170201.

    i tried with java script var outDate = new Date (01-FEB-17); but this does not give me output and give result like 1970/01/01 and TimeStamp

    Second: I have String like InputDateString = 20170224, than i have to implement oracle function last_day(add_months(InputDateString ,-1)) + 1

    Output of above two need to do the comparison First_OutPut < Second_OutPut

    Thanks in advance for your help....

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    You want to know the first day of the month given as a partial date?
    The date parser will assume day 1 for format MMM-yy.

    You want to know the first day of the month for any full date?
    Step Calculator supports Date calculations.

    There are different ways to compare field values depending on what you intend to do with the result.
    If you want to split a stream you can use Filter-Rows.
    If the result is needed as a field itself a User-Defined-Java-Expression is helpful.
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    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Many Thanks solve my problem

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