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Thread: Failed to receive data in Kettle

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    Default Failed to receive data in Kettle


    When I export salesforce data, the number fields are multiplied by 10. The input statement fails. Can anybody help me?


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    Without knowing more, let me suggest two thoughts:

    1) Do you have a mask on a Select Values step prior to your output?

    2) Look at your intermediary steps and look at the hops. Do any of your steps have multipliers (ie, x10), and is the hop prior to this step marked with a symobl of two overlapping pages to indicate that the data movement is "Copy Data to Next Steps"? In this combination, the step makes a copy of the data in the stream for each iteration of the step with the multiplier. This is where I most commonly have seen duplicated data - which in your instance would have to be prior to a data aggregation step.

    If this doesn't help, please post more information.

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