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Thread: Import from huge CSV Archive

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    Default Import from huge CSV Archive


    i´m about to create a Spoon Job to import text from CSV-Files to a MySQL database.
    My problem is that I got directories for every day with several csv files in it.
    They are all named like:


    In directories named by the date they where created.

    First step is to import them all to my Database but it takes plenty of time, so i would like to
    import the latest csv-files daily.

    At the moment i could get the latest date from my mysql database.

    All i need is an idea how to get all new csv-files and import them too.

    Problem i got is if i use the Step: GET FILE NAMES and use a REGEX about the date, there are about 25000 csv files to compare to and this took already half an hour.
    And i havent found a way to use REGEX to get all latest csv-files in comparison to the date i got from my database.

    Hope anyone out there understands what i try to explain and could give me a little hint/advise/solution to it.

    Thanks anyway and best regards

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    Since you know last date you've got, you can scan only directories that concerns the month starting from last date.
    So do get filenames in two step:
    1. Get only directories names, filter where dirname >= last date.
    2. Then search for csv files in theses directories only.

    However 25'000 filename with a regexp filter should not take half an hour!

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