Hello guys I'm trying to use JPivot to do some analysing of an OLAP Cube I created. THe point of the Cube is to evaluate data coming from machines selling bottles and things like that. The database below is a postgres databae that holds a fact table on transaction grain (each sold bottle) and multiple dimension tables. The schema contains two degenerate dimensions (timestamp and another one). However when I try to access the cube via JPivot it will cause a query timeout. The database has around 1.53 million entries in the fact table (BottleDetail) and about a dozen entries in each dimension table. However I have to admit I'm not sure if the problem is caused by a memory leak of the BI Server (latest version) or the slowness of the underlying PostgresDatabase. The Database does not have lots of data. The fact table is only 248MB in size right now. I have mainly used Pentaho Data Integration to create the database but I set the foreign key and primary key constraints manually. Did anyone notice similar problems with the Pentaho BI Server CE Edition? (memory leaks, problems with postgresql or anything) and has found a solution to this?
Many thanks in advance.