Hello everyone

I have developed a Data Mart to analyze certain data sets and now I'm using Pivot4J (Pentaho BI Plugin) in order to create simple reports. However if I drill through and only the Date Dimension is choosen it will not drill to the correct Source Data. Instead it will reach days, weeks or even months into the future. This can cause an array out of bound exception. I'm not an expert on Mondrian and MDX that is why I ask here. Is this happening because I have only choosen the Date Dimension. I figure that it might not be possible with the generated Drill Through Statement to identify the Source Rows in my fact table properly. If I only choose lets say my customer or a device dimension I created it will Drill Through correctly. To explain this I figured that it can actually specifically identify the unique device and take all dates into the drill through from there. However I also figured this would be possible when only drilling through the date (so it would take the date and all machines/devices into account and drill through the specific date). So is this a general, Mondrian/MDX related issue when drilling through a data-cell while only the Date Dimension is choosen? In JPivot this cannot happen obviously because JPivot does not allow you to only choose a single dimension, except you specifically tell him in the MDX statement.

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