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Thread: Unable to increase the socketTimeout for a mysql connection

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    Default Unable to increase the socketTimeout for a mysql connection

    I am using Pentaho Kettle for ETL using a MySql connnection. I am getting a Communications link Failure error - saying 'The last packet successfully received from the server was 304.613 milliseconds ago' I tried to increase the timeout using the socketTimeout variable and setting it to a higher value but it doesnt help. Strangely, when i try and reduce the value of the socketTimeout variable to a lower value I get the error earlier. So lower value works but value higher than 300 seconds does not..!!

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    I was getting this error in querys in the BI server and it has gotten better after adding ?autoReconnect=true to the JDBC connection so the url parameter looks like this: url="jdbc:mysql://MYHOST:MYPORT/MYDB?autoReconnect=true". Maybe it can work in Kettle too, I haven't needed it for my transformations and jobs but it won't do any harm either.

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    Thank you for your response. However adding the autoReconnect variable diid not help.. I still get the same error. I am still not able to understand why a value higher than 300 seconds doesn't work for the socketConnect variable.
    Could this have something to do with the my sql server properties ?

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    Can you please try in your mysql and let us know value for innodb_lock_wait_timeout value if it is db is InnoDB.

    hope this variable will help us regarding lock or timeout sessions.

    Thank you

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    Hi santhi..

    The db is not InnoDB.. However the value for innodb_lock_wait_timeout is 50

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