Hi All,

We are working with Pentaho 6. Our Cube is designed in a way that, within a Dimension Multiple hierarchy are arranged and Each Hierarchy has only one level in it.

With this cube structure, we are facing an issue in Filter section.

If we include a dimension in a filter section without selecting any members, the cube shows lesser rows than expected. The cube shows the rows that has null value of that dimension thatwe included in the filter section.

Even if we select 'ALL Members' we are getting the same results.

We could see the correct results if the cube is re-structured as, within a Dimension there is only one Hierarchy and within that Hierarchy more than one levels are there.But this structure lead to performance issues So we don't want to go for it.

We tried to find a solution to resolve this filter issue with the same cube structure that we have now.

Any suggestions or Is this an open issue with saiku? Your valuable input is helpful.

Herwin Rayen