I have just started using Kettle (7) a few weeks ago. I want to know if there is a way that Kettle can grab multiple tables from a SQL Server Management Studio database and export them to .txt files (1 Table = 1 File). I am able to successfully accomplish this with a single file, but sometimes I need to export 100 tables, and it is time consuming to setup a transformation every time. Is there a way to export these 100 tables that have a similar table name such as: TableName_1, TableName_2, etc. and export them to individual files like: TableNameExport_1, TableNameExport_2 etc.? The goal would be to export them with text qualifiers (“) and delimited with pipes (|). Note: these files do not have the same column names. I have searched for this problem and can’t seem to find a solution for this situation. Any help or direction on this issue would be very helpful.