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Thread: Explorer vs Knowledge flow

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    Default Explorer vs Knowledge flow

    Can someone please explain me the difference between Explorer and knowledge flow? I believe we can use algorithms on both. Is the only difference being knowledge flow models can be integrated with PDI whereas explorer is only for viewing? But I believe you can also save models on explorer. So, I am a bit confused here. please help.

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    Functionality offered by the Explorer and Knowledge Flow is fairly similar. One major difference is that the Knowledge Flow offers support for incremental learning schemes (i.e. those that only require one training instance to be present in main memory at any one time). Using "instance" connections you can train incremental classifiers in the Knowledge Flow and process data sets through filters that can work in a streaming fashion. The Explorer, on the other hand, is purely batch-based - you must be able to load your entire dataset into memory in order to use the Explorer.

    The only other way to train incremental learning schemes is via Weka's command line interface.


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