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Thread: Weka 3.8 stores knowledge flow always with .kf extension

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    Default Weka 3.8 stores knowledge flow always with .kf extension

    I am using Weka 3.8 environment and this is always store Knowledge Flow created using Weka KF with .kf extension irrespective of whether you are trying to store JSON based or XML based knowledge flows. In Weka, JSON based should be stored as .kf files and XML based should be stored as .kfml files. But always stored as .kf file. But PDI KnowledgeFlow step expects knowledge flow to be with .kfml extension and Weka was not storing this format. Any idea how to store this as .kfml extension?

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    At present, there is a bug in the save dialog in the Knowledge Flow. It should only show .kf, as this is the only format now supported for saving. In Weka >= 3.8.0 the Knowledge Flow is a completely new implementation - new more efficient engine and new UI (albeit it looks the same). The new implementation supports loading legacy .kfml files, but not saving in this format.

    Unfortunately, PDI is lagging behind in Weka support. PDI 7 includes Weka 3.8 libraries, but is still using the old Knowledge Flow engine (the old engine is still present in Weka and can be launched from the command line via java weka.gui.beans.KnowledgeFlow). I have implemented a new PDI Knowledge Flow step that uses the new Knowledge Flow engine - hopefully this will make it into the 7.1 Pentaho suite release.

    In the meantime, I'd suggest using the old Knowledge Flow implementation in Weka (java weka.gui.beans.KnowledgeFlow) in order to produce .kfml files that are compatible with the current PDI Knowledge Flow step.


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    Thanks Mark. this helps at present to use Weka and PDI

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