I'm doing a custom implementation of the authentication proces. I can logon but the 'admin' user is not allowed to add/remove users.

My approach / reproduce:
* Pentaho
* Tomcat 8 (8.0.28)
* Added a 'applicationContext-spring-security-custom.xml' to pentaho-solutions/system directory:
** copy & pasted the userDetailsService and daoAuthenticationProvider from applicationContext-spring-security-jackrabbit.xml;
** copy & pasted the userRoleListService from applicationContext-pentaho-security-jackrabbit.xml;
** replaced providername jackrabbit by custom;
* Added 'applicationContext-spring-security-custom.xml' to pentaho-spring-beans.xml;
* Set provider=custom in security.properties.

The admin user can logon, as any of the other users. However, the admin user cannot add/remove users: that view is missing (the view for roles is shown).
When switching back to the jackrabbit provider in security.properties, the administrator is able to add/remove users.