Hello everyone,

I am developing a mondrian schema and would like to know how to modeling uncorrelated attributes.
For example, I have a dimension called Customer. It seems that I cannot put attributes directaly on dimension, I have to create a hierarchy. So I created one, but the fields don't be really a hierarchy, they are uncorrelated, like: age, gender, address.

Do I have to create one dimension for each field? I would like to put all fields of customer together on same dimension instead of spread them on the cube.

I tried to create more then one hierarchy inside dimension, one to each field, but when I use one field, the result is very strange, take a look at rows panel (Linhas):

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And I got this error:
MondrianException: Mondrian Error:MDX object '[Cliente].[Cliente].[Tipo]' not found in cube 'Vendas'
Obs: I am using Saiku as UI.

thanks in advance.